August 31, 2023


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When companies send their employees on a physical business trip, it means at least 5% more CO2 emissions per year for the individual traveler (approx. 10 tons). A trip to an overseas continent means at least 2 tons of CO2 and within the EU around 1⁄2 to 1 tons.

Over recent years we have seen increased temperatures, warmer seawater and not least severe exacerbation of damage and human lives from sudden storms, typhoons, forest fires and floods. We now see and feel on our bodies the damage we cause through overconsumption, waste and emissions. It is clear that many companies are now seeking to find solutions through investments in climate-improving technologies, paying for emissions through indirect investments in e.g. reforestation or similar projects. The problem is that the effect of most lies years into the future and the pollution is happening NOW.

After the summer of 2023, many will be more aware of their climate footprint and look for ways to reduce it. One of the obvious is travel by plane as you increase your pollution much more in a short time than eating a good steak, using electricity or using a car instead of cycling.

There will be cases where physical journeys must be completed, but with the rapid technological development from video VR, AR to AI there are now so many alternative forms of communication to use that the need for physical business trips should fall drastically.

We have previously described that companies in the future must work with the valuation of physical journeys, but one of the paths is to take advantage for the value of the stay itself . Often there are several customers, suppliers, partners, subcontractors, contacts or customer prospects and supplier prospects. Therefore, we recommend that the travel policy contain your version and the following 6 questions. We also work with an APP provider that can help find it HERE

  1. More meetings at the destination. You may be a salesperson, but you could meet with business partners, suppliers, public services and of course just visit your subsidiary or private friends or family.
  2. From the beginning when considering a physical journey, extend the time at the destination.
  3. Do not only look at your own contacts, but get all relevant business contacts, partners etc. at the destination.
  4. From the beginning, consider whether it makes sense to add destinations to the trip, i.e. primary destination Stuttgart, you stop in Hamburg (and then take the train all the way) or Cairo and add Rome / Los Angeles and add Detroit.
  5. Much travel is about physical work such as maintenance of existing engines or factories. Why not visit other factories to see if they are working properly?
  6. A little finishing: Think from the start about what is best for the company, and expand the scope a bit, as when flying was rare and very expensive.

We need to start fighting pollution.

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